Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics

Awnings: combines high colour brilliance, luminosity and a self cleaning affect. Manufactured with rot proof 100% polyester high-tech fibres brings a wide colour pallette to bathe your home with a soothing light and luminous shade.

  • Awnings with allure

    We have long delivered fabric to awning manufacturers for both the private and the business markets. Our awning fabrics are widely used throughout the country. The coated fabric not only offers protection from the sun, but is also extremely weather-resistant and decorative.

  • Flexible response

    Awnings are a seasonal product, with a demand that can fluctuate according to the weather. The company's management of the entire production process - manufacture, development, procurement, sales and logistics all take place under one roof - enabling us to adequately respond to fluctuating market demand. A wide variety of colours, stripes and designs are available. Obviously, the fabric can also be supplied in accordance with the client's specific wish for other designs, or with special printing.

  • High-grade polyester fabric

    We have developed special types of fabric for the awning market, in which a high-grade polyester is used. This fabric, provided with a PVC coating, constitutes a unique combination employed by us. It can be woven into a smooth fabric and - in combination with the coating - is extremely waterproof. The fabric is highly resistant to changing weather conditions. Consequently, it is ideally suited for awnings and, as a result of its waterproof properties, it is particularly suited for use in the large terrace awnings often encountered in the hotel and catering industry.

  • Colourful and weather-resistant

    Awning fabric made from polyester retains its shape and is very stable. The fabric has an excellent colour-fastness and is rendered water and soil-repellent by means of a special finish. Consequently, unlike many other materials, awnings made from polyester do not have to be raised for every shower. Moreover, in part due to the water and soil-repellent finish and the special coating, the fabric can be cleaned very easily.

  • Distinctive qualities

    These high-tech fabrics have an abundance of unique characteristics and these allow the textile materials to far surpass the average. These durable outdoor fabrics are highly waterproof, weather resistant, and weldable. They are also stable, sun protective and colourfast.
    In addition to these characteristics we also develop specialties, such as a non-fouling finish, a flame-retardant capability and durable coatings. Textile materials that distinguish themselves from the common run of fabric types can be produced exclusively for tent and awning manufacturers. Tent wall qualities may for example include a design specially developed for the customer.

  • All TenCate fabrics that are used for specialities could meet the following functionalities:

    breathable Long Life                    Self-cleaning Self-cleaning
    Recyclable Recyclable                    stability Stability
    dirt_repple Dirt Repellent                    strong High Strength
    durable Durable                    sun_protective U.V Resistant
    flame_retardant Flame Retardant*                    water_repellent Water Proof
    Note:On request
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Canopy Fabrics

Available in wide range that offer trendy styles as well as ethnicity, these fabrics are available in unique designs in different colors and shapes. Canopy Fabrics are high in quality and are designed with intricate patterns which can easily lure anyone. Soft, comfortable and designer our designed fabrics could really make one experience the dream world.

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